Weir Law provided an excellent and professional service, helping me finalise my late dad's estate. Nothing was too much bother and I was guided through all the legal forms with ease. I would use their services again if needed and would have no hesitation recommending Weir Law to others.

Margaret Findlay, Glasgow

Probate in Scotland

Losing a loved one can be a very difficult and vulnerable time. Whether you’re a close relative or an individual who has been assigned to manage a deceased individuals’ estate, this can come with lots of complex paperwork accompanied by demanding deadlines.


This is a job which can be overwhelming to many and something where you may want professional assistance. Here at Weir Law, we want to lighten the load and assist with confirmation to the highest of standards to those in the whole of Scotland as well as international clients who have estates in Scotland. 

Known and followed as ‘Confirmation’ in Scotland only, this legal practice may be more widely known as ‘Probate’. Referring to the legal process in managing a deceased persons estate, Weir Law’s team of highly trained and dedicated solicitors and paralegals will assist with anyone looking for probate legal services. A complex process which involves making important decisions, our experienced team will give you clear and concise advice to assist you through this difficult process with your probate Scotland.


A procedure only followed in Scotland, our knowledge will help you obtain confirmation through the Scottish courts. From dealing with entire estates, reviewing court papers and helping with HM Revenue and Custom forms – no circumstance is too big for us to handle. When filing for a confirmation, it must contain a concise and clear inventory of all assets owned by the deceased. Our aim is to create a seamless, stress-free and successful experience to complete a legal document, so you have more time for the important stuff like reminiscing about your loved one.

Call Probate Scotland now on 0141 628 5544 or email and we will be happy to help you.

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Having previously and unsuccessfully attempted to navigate the application to the Courts for Confirmation on my Aunt's estate, I reached out to Weir Law and in discussion a fixed fee was agreed, and within two days, guidance and support was forthcoming, enabling a more professional and accurate application to the Courts - I'm impressed with both the level of support and the speed of response.

Stephen Henry, Fife

Everyone deals with grief differently and we treat every circumstance delicately and with respect. Because of this we work to your convenience and specific needs with an initial conversation on us! Furthermore, we work to create transparency with our clients by making them aware of financial accounts as well as any risks they may face if they avoid legal guidance. More information on our Grant of Probate Scotland page.

Offering multiple services, Weir Law assists with various sized estates. Offering free advice to those dealing with small estates with worldly goods and possessions equating to less than £36k. We also assist with large estates dealt by an executor or close relative. This includes the completion of all court and tax forms, as well as legal rights – a service set at a fixed fee. Last but not least, we offer a DIY confirmation service which features looking over documents and giving a professional steer. Also, at a fixed fee for your probate Scotland.

Dedicated to making your confirmation journey seamless, Weir Law is the number one team to assist with the probate/confirmation process within Scotland. Place your confidence in us and let us be your guide through these difficult times.

For more information on our probate services please visit our main confirmation / probate page for full services and our FAQs on this legal topic.


Probate Lawyer in Glasgow


We will guide you through the entire estate administration process and provide you with a considered fee quote for any legal work that may be needed.

There is no cost for general advice over the telephone or via email. No matter where you are in Scotland, we will provide you with immediate practical help with the next steps after a death.