Weir Law provided an excellent and professional service, helping me finalise my late dad's estate. Nothing was too much bother and I was guided through all the legal forms with ease. I would use their services again if needed and would have no hesitation recommending Weir Law to others.

Margaret Findlay, Glasgow

Probate Glasgow

Here at Weir Law, we’re looking to offer people within the Glasgow area a highly rated service to assist those who have been tasked with a deceased individual’s estate. Known as confirmation in Scotland only, we assist with the more commonly referred to process of probate. 

Relating to a deceased individuals estate made from properties and money, whether you’re a close family member, relative or executor who has been given the authority to deal with such, Weir Law is here to offer a helping hand. The confirmation procedure which is only followed in Scotland and completed through Scottish Courts, it’s important to gain specific and helpful information and knowledge to complete a successful process, for your Probate Glasgow needs. We like to create a transparent relationship with our clients which means we offer advice both good and bad when dealing with a confirmation application.


Losing a close friend or relative can be a stressful, emotional and tolling time on the mind and body. An influx of paperwork can be a major burden on someone. Completing a confirmation process takes time and patience, so it can be very helpful when you receive professional guidance or leave the job in someone else’s trusting hands. Weir Law is a company full of highly trained solicitors and paralegals that will assist with any and all confirmation enquiries and requests.

Call Probate Glasgow now on 0141 628 5544 or email and we will be happy to help you.

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Having previously and unsuccessfully attempted to navigate the application to the Courts for Confirmation on my Aunt's estate, I reached out to Weir Law and in discussion a fixed fee was agreed, and within two days, guidance and support was forthcoming, enabling a more professional and accurate application to the Courts - I'm impressed with both the level of support and the speed of response.

Stephen Henry, Fife

Offering our various confirmation services within the Glasgow area we also help international clients who have estates within the region. No estate is too big for us. Our large estate service includes one of Weir Laws finest team members completing all necessary documents for a large-scale estate. This includes court/tax forms as well as legal rights.

Our Probate Glasgow service caters to everyone within the Glasgow and surrounding areas, our small estate service means whether you’re an executor, relative or friend of the deceased individual, we will give out free advice to guide you towards a seamless confirmation process. This sized estate in subject consists of worldly goods and possessions equating to less than £36k.

Last but not least, if you have the confidence to complete the confirmation paperwork by yourself yet still could do with some guidance, our DIY confirmation service is for you! We’ll look over all documents and give you professional advice to steer you in the right direction towards a successful run through the court system.

A complex process, our assistance is essential as you’ll be made aware of your rights and responsibilities as the executor of the estate confirmation. Without knowledgeable legal advice from Weir Law, you may run the risk of a claim against you.

Priding ourselves on giving our clients clear and concise legal advice, we also strive to create a stress-free process. With an initial conversation free, we tailor our service to meet your needs. Available on evenings and weekends, we’re ready any day for you to share the burden and continue with the grieving process and your everyday lives, with our Confirmation/Probate Glasgow services.

For more information on our probate services please visit our main confirmation / probate page for full services and our FAQs on this legal topic.


Probate Lawyer in Glasgow


We will guide you through the entire estate administration process and provide you with a considered fee quote for any legal work that may be needed.

There is no cost for general advice over the telephone or via email. No matter where you are in Scotland, we will provide you with immediate practical help with the next steps after a death.