Weir Law provided an excellent and professional service, helping me finalise my late dad's estate. Nothing was too much bother and I was guided through all the legal forms with ease. I would use their services again if needed and would have no hesitation recommending Weir Law to others.

Margaret Findlay, Glasgow

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When a friend, colleague or family member dies, it can be both daunting and overwhelming to deal with the daily tasks of administering any small or large estates in accordance with the laws of Scotland. 


This can be an even more exhausting and time-consuming task if the person who has died did not make a will during their lifetime.

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Having previously and unsuccessfully attempted to navigate the application to the Courts for Confirmation on my Aunt's estate, I reached out to Weir Law and in discussion a fixed fee was agreed, and within two days, guidance and support was forthcoming, enabling a more professional and accurate application to the Courts - I'm impressed with both the level of support and the speed of response.

Stephen Henry, Fife


What is our Confirmation Probate Glasgow service?

Applying for confirmation is a type of legal document that awards the person responsible for handling the affairs of a deceased person the authority to access their assets.

What is the difference between confirmation and probate?

Though the two are often interchanged, it is important to note that the term "confirmation" is specific to Scotland only, whilst "probate" is generally seen as a term used throughout England and Wales.

Do you need a will to require confirmation?

No - you may be required to gain confirmation regardless of whether the deceased had a will. One thing to note is that gaining a confirmation may cost more and take longer to process if the deceased made a will.

How much does it cost for confirmation in Scotland?

The costs associated with a confirmation depend on a few factors, such as:

The value of the deceased's estate. If the value is <£36,000, the Sheriff Clerk will be able to assist you with the acquisition of a confirmation. If the value is >£36,000, however, it is recommended that you employ the expertise of a solicitor.

The individual professional fee of the instructed solicitor. There is no one set cost for a confirmation; it varies between solicitors and can depend on factors such as the complexity of the case and the length of time needed for a settlement.

At Weir Law, we work on a fixed fee so you can be confident that the costs you are informed of are the costs you will be paying, with no hidden extras.

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